One Minute

15. května 2009 v 17:05 |  My December
You're going crazy
Running on empty
You can't make up your mind
You tried to hide it
But you had to say it
Restless all this time
So completely drained from everything that's in your life
You're so wrong but you had to scream every thought you kept inside

One minute you laugh
The next minute you're slowly sinking into something's black
I get the feeling that lately nothing ever really lasts
I keep trying to get up but I keep falling back
And you love
And you hate
And you wait
'Cause one minute goes fast

You just can't escape it
You're loosing patience
You wonder what went wrong
Everything changes
Happy and jaded
Always a different song
Playing in your head just when you think you got it down
Out of nowhere you realize it's different music playing now


One minute goes fast
Fast (x3)
One minute goes fast


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